Input equals Output

When we took over the business I knew that if I wanted it to succeed then I needed to improve. I needed to get better, so I began reading and listening to podcasts. Then the things I learned I would take action on; I went out and found a mastermind group, I approached mentors and asked for their help, I adopted a nutrition and exercise plan, I stopped associating myself with things and people that were not aligned with me becoming a better husband, son, friend and business leader.

Once I did this, my life started to change, as did my business, my relationships and even my happiness. What I realized is that I had changed my input and that in turn had a direct and proportionate effect on my output.

That’s when it hit me. Your output can NEVER exceed you input.

Think of a car; it doesn’t matter how amazing your car is, how expensive, how clean, how fast or even how powerful, if you put the wrong fuel in it, it will go nowhere. Let’s take a Ferrari F450, most would consider this a rather nice car. The owner’s manual suggests V-98 Octane fuel for premium performance which leaves the car hitting a top speed of 340kmph. If I put water in this car instead, the engine would cease up and combustion would no longer be possible leaving the car a rather expensive although attractive garage ornament.


Your life is much the same as the Ferrari when the input is premium so is the output.

When the input is subsidiary, so is the performance.

What I learned is that if we increase the quality of the input we increase the quality of our output, so what is your input and what is your output?


What is your output?

Your output can include a range of things; but it’s basically what you are able to bring to the table as a human being. Specifically, it includes your productivity, creativity, your physical appearance, attitude, mindset, attention span, ability to focus and perform, the love you can give, your happiness, knowledge, skill set, your energy levels etc. These are a few examples but there are hundreds, and together they represent you as a human being and your ability to feel good, and function well – which is really what we all want in life.  I believe the quality of an individual’s output is in direct correlation to their input.


So what is your input?

I have divided a human beings input into five categories and used the acronym M.I.N.E.R

M – Movement

I-  Information

N – Nutrition

E – Environment.

R- Rest



There is direct correlation between the amount of physical activity you do and the quality and quantity of your life. Fact!

Science has shown us this time and time again; the benefits of movement are endless. Physically it increases blood flow to muscles and organs, improves brain cell development, reduces body fat, lowers blood pressure, reduces insulin resistance. Mentally it releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins (among others), all which improve cognitive function, elevate mood, improves sleep, and simply make you feel better.

The flow on affect is that regular movement and exercise will allow you to live a healthier, longer life whilst perform better as a human being.



 Your brain is like a filing cabinet.  Daily you process and file away approximately 2 million different messages. That information is then what you are able to recall on to help you navigate your way through life.  The quality of information you absorb, process and file then determines the quality of information you have to base your decision making on.

If we take a step back we understand your decisions determine your reality.  You are exactly where you are today in your life, health, business, career and relationships because of the decisions you have made. Different decisions equal different results. The way to then increase the quality of any aspect of your life is to increase the quality of your decisions. To do this we simply increase the quality of information your brain is filing away.

It is vitally important to be aware of the information you are feeding your brain. Imagine the difference between a filing cabinet filled with clippings from tabloid magazines, reality TV shows, gossip, and social media trash, compared to a filing cabinet filled with the greatest books of the world’s thought leaders, podcasts, advice from mentors, seminars and mastermind peers.

If you want to live an extraordinary life which filing cabinet would you chose?

The irony is only 5% choose the later. 95% choose the trash, social media and gossip while hoping and wishing for a better life.


When I designed my ‘information intake’ and deleted the pages, TV, gossip and trash from my life and replaced it with information and media that was in alignment with my goals and ambition my life changed.

Social media is littered with hundreds of thousands of pages and accounts that can pollute your mind with videos of bar fights, cats, ‘fails’, and impulse buys. But it also has accounts of the world’s greatest minds – you chose what you put in your ‘filing cabinet’.

Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and Ferrari don’t have TV commercials. Do you think it is because they can’t afford them or because they recognize the people who can afford to buy their products don’t waste time watching TV?

Books, mentors and mastermind groups are profound commonalities in histories highest achievers.  So trade the news for Tedtalks, trade the radio for podcasts, the tabloids for great books, the gossip for mentors and social media trash for inspiration. Trade entertainment for education and watch your world change!

There is time for entertainment but we need to be aware of what we are filing away daily.

The information intake of the 95% is by default, the information intake of the 5% is by design.

We want input by design, not by default and circumstance.

Design your intake. Design your reality.



Again there is a direct correlation between the quality and quantity of food and drink you consume and the quality and length of your life. For me living is my favorite thing to do, ever.

So again I design my input.

To me it is incredible that people don’t understand they are shortening their life and decreasing the quality of it by what they do or do not eat.

I believe this is done for one reason. The consequence is so far removed from the action. What I mean is that regularly eating something full of artificial additives and sugar now it’s bad for you but we are unlikely to experience the consequences of this for decades.

Much like smoking; you can smoke for 20 years of your life, but it is sometimes not until years later that your arteries clot, lungs fail and cancer strikes. The action is too far removed from the consequence.  In a world of instant gratification, a delayed consequence is rarely considered by the masses.  Global warming is another great example of this.


I believe fizzy drinks will be the smoking of our generation. Our grandkids will find it inconceivable that we once drank them in school and hospitals.  I think that like smoking there will become an age limit to purchase fizzy. The effects of sugar are excessive and widespread. It overloads and damages your liver preventing it from stimulating insulin; this then tricks your body gaining weight. Google the effects of sugar and you will see, but quite simply it causes dysfunction in your body’s ability to metabolize (process food and nutrients).

If an athlete wants to perform in their chosen pursuit they design their nutritional intake, this is just as important if you want to perform in your life. You need to know what you are eating. When I realized this I knew there was too much conflicting information out there so I paid a nutritionist, the best one I could find to design a lifestyle eating program that would allow me to show up the best I can for my life.

Instantly by designing my input, my output was directly and proportionately improved.

I live in a reality of my own design.



There is no bigger predictor of someone’s next stage of their life than their current environment.

Jim Rohn recognized you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

When we take a look at the people that we choose to associate with the most – they are probably fairly similar to us. If you have kids, chances are the people in your circle also do. The same if you play sport, go to the gym, drink, take drugs or snow ski. Chances are the things we do the most, are similar to those that the people in our closest environment do.

This is no accident, our human brains are wired to find similarities and familiarity – because that’s where we find groups and in groups we find safety, and primarily our brains are designed to keep us safe.

The opportunity then is if you want to design your future, alter your environment to reflect where you want to go.


If I had a house and I put you in it with five other people and those five people went to the gym every day, chances are you would start too.  If they all surfed every day or played video games, that would become familiar, safe and normal to you. If you flatted with 5 alcoholics what do you think would happen?  So the question is what would happen if I put you in a house with five millionaires? Would you slowly start to pick up the habits, routines, inputs and activities of these people?

Equally as important as adding to your desired environment is eliminating what is currently in your environment that is not conducive to your intended direction.  If you want to lose weight but your circle is filled with people on poor diets and exercise regimes, your environment is not aligned with your goal.


Design and adjust your environment to mirror the desired change in your life.

I had to make some really tough calls to do with friendships and relationships that were not in alignment with my lives direction. It is not easy, and again that is why 95% of people do not do it.

I want a life full of adventure, love, success, abundance, contribution, happiness and health so I intentionally design my environment to promote that.

Design you’re the input, design your reality.





Rest and recovery again directly affect your ability to show up in the world. We know this because the action (or lack of) is closely followed by the consequence.  If we stay up all night our ability to focus and perform is clearly inhabited the next day

This is not only applicable in a professional capacity but other areas too. If your body and mind are exhausted there is no way you can be the parent, leader, friend, son or human you need to be either.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not promoting sleep in’s everyday - get up at 5:20am every morning but I am also in bed by just after 9pm while a lot of people stay up late polluting their brains ‘filing cabinet’ with mindless TV and social media trash.  I’m also not promoting inactivity, I exercise 6-7 times per week but I also have 2 full rest days per week.

Allowing your body and mind to rest, recover and recharge will again have a direct and proportionate effect on your output.

Design your input, design your results.


Don’t look back.

Your lives input will determine your output. We must recognize that the majority of people’s input is by default and circumstance.  If you want an extraordinary life you must be intentional about creating an input by design.


I’m not telling you to break up with your childhood friends, go gluten free, out train an Olympic athlete and sleep 18 hours a day.  I am just suggesting you take a look at what you want in your life, and make sure input is encouraging you in that direction. If so, fantastic.

But most people want more. They want a better career, business, relationship, house, more holidays, higher pay, happier lives, or a healthier body. Yet the input is not aligned with that growth.

Creating your reality through input design is not easy. It is hard and you will have to make some difficult decisions particularly when it comes to the people in your environment.  But if the things you want are truly more important than the comfort of your current situation then you owe it to yourself, to your family and even to the world, so do it.

Ferraris were never meant to be garage ornaments…

Design your input, take action, and don’t look back.


Thanks for reading



Key Learnings

  • Your output can NEVER exceed you input.
  • When the input is premium so is the output.
  • When the input is subsidiary, so is the performance.
  • Output: Your performance as a human being.
  • Input: Movement, Information, Nutrition, Environment & Rest
  • Most people's input is by default and circumstance
  • The rest have an input by design
  • Design your input, design your reality.
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