The Experience Economy

I recently attended two seperate conferences. I heard dozens of speakers, however the idea of the experience economy is something that was consistent throughout.

Times are changing, our lives are changing and business is changing.

With the power of platforms like Trip Advisor,  Facebook business reviews, Google reviews, and Yelp - the customer has the power.  

This is not a bad thing thing though... It gives all business the power to standout, we no longer have to have huge marketing budgets and PR agencies to deliver our message.

Our customers will do this for us. 

But only if we give them a reason to.

Creating experiences for our customers that surprise, delight and exceed their expectations is vital. In increasingly competitive markets, going above and beyond for your current current customers is a great investment.

Create raving fans. 

Create experiences that people will share - online or in person. 

Once we understand that our customers, our clients or our members as a collective have the power, we begin to understand the importance of 'The Experience Economy'

Check out this great video