Matty Lovell - Just Start

Matty is living proof of what mindset, a plan and discipline can achieve! 

In 2011 he found himself in the heart of the Christchurch earthquake. Safe from the initial shake he spent 8 hours working at the collapsed PGC building pulling survivors from the rubble. Later the same year an accident left him with two broken knee caps and a diagnosis that he’d never run again. 

A lot to deal with for anyone and the emotional stress took its toll on the 25 year old as he began battling depression and learning to walk again.

From a wheelchair he conquered depression, travelled the world, started a business and ran a marathon. Along the way discovering things that became the framework for a life less ordinary. 

Matty shares a raw and uplifting story of how he overcame adversity and how he’s used the same framework to take on new challenges, in business and in life including a 3,000km journey across India in a Rickshaw, raising $85,000 for charity.

With insightful takeaways relevant in both business and life, Matty shares a powerful message told from the heart that empowers the audience to take on challenges, conquer fear and start ticking off that bucket list.


Recently we had the pleasure of having Matty Lovell speak at our Company Sales Conference. Matty was able to adapt his presentation to fit with our “Think Big” conference context and immediately had the full attention of all staff.

Delivering a powerful message spoken from the heart, his story was inspiring and uplifting. All in attendance were able to relate to Matty’s story in some context, whether it be on a personal or business level.

His mantra of the day “consistency beats intensity” is now often included in staff conversations!I would highly recommend Matty as a guest speaker.  A genuinely nice guy sharing an uplifting story about overcoming the odds, presented with sincerity and humour, which will definitely leave a lasting impression on all who hear it.

Jeremy Parish

Managing Director

Irvine Flooring International 

Matty was able to step in for us as our guest dinner speaker with five days’ notice.

He was outstanding.  Matty’s personal story was delivered with raw honesty and emotion, humour and many poignant moments that our members could relate back to their own life and its challenges. 

Matty’s commitment to his speaking engagement was more than turning up on the night. He took time to research our organisation and its’ members, our conference programme, the night’s format and IT availability; resulting in a captivating experience for our guests.

All in all Matty delivered! We recommend him!

Pam Berry-Mason

Conference Organiser

New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association  

The university of Canterbury students association highly commend Matty Lovell and is pleased to recommend him to any person, business or organization looking for an excellent motivational speaker.

Matty was confident, organized, very engaging and had a really great story to tell which resonated with all our students at the university of Canterbury. He was easy to work with and very reliable (particularly when we had to being his speech forward last minute).

The way that Matty Spoke to the audience was so engaging, it made each and every attendee feel as though they were re-living the moment with him.

We could not recommend him enough! If you are looking for someone to give you the kick start you want, an insight into the realities of life and how to make a negative into a positive, then Matty is your Man

Lucy Blackmore

Event Manager

University of Canterbury Students Association

Matty had energy to burn and an openness that drew the audience into his story.  He mixed humour, audience participation and lively story telling of personal challenges and achievements to skilfully achieve a rapport with a crowd that spanned many generations.

Matty’s casual demeanour, willingness to openly disclose his life’s low points and share his achievements in a modest and honest manner ensured the audience eagerly latched on to the many gems Matty highlighted as the foundation for his life.

Bob Davidson


Inspire Foundation