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Matty is living proof of what mindset, a plan and discipline can achieve! 

From a wheelchair he conquered depression, travelled the world, started a business and ran a marathon. Along the way discovering things that became the framework for a life less ordinary. 

With insightful takeaways relevant in both business and life, Matty shares a powerful message told from the heart that empowers the audience to take on challenges, conquer fear and start ticking off that bucket list.




The desire to be in charge of his own destiny always attracted Matty to entrepreneurship .  After returning to New Zealand in 2015 he dove head first into the fitness industry, spawning a passion for business, growth and development.  Matty continues to authentically share the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey though blogs and speaking appearances.  


Life Enthusiast

I trained as a teacher, spent 5 years in media and marketing, quit my job sold everything and moved to Greece. I ran out of money, sailed across the Atlantic, got arrested in the Caribbean then spent two years sailing around the world. I've broken both my kneecaps, ended up in a wheelchair, battled depression and ran a Marathon. I’ve organised two Guinness world records, saved a life and rode a rickshaw across India raising $85,000 for charity.

I have a passion for business, a beautiful wife, and a mission to empower others.

I’m an Adventurer, an Optimist, and a Storyteller.




The Road to Success is a motivational destination for conversations with some of the brightest minds in business, sports, health and psychology. Host Matty Lovell explores thought provoking insights from world class performers and experts that will inspire, motivate and ultimately empower you on your Road to Success